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Apple released the Apple EarPods on September 21, 2012. While these are an improvement compared to the Apple earphones, they leave much to be desired. Apple should consider this proposed idea if they want Apple users utilizing Apple products. Otherwise, a 3rd party manufacturer may beat them to it.Unrelated, I have been asked why I upload my own handwritten PDFs rather than simply type my content onto the blog. There are several reasons. First, I am still new at blogging. The less media I have to upload at this point, the easier. Second, Dan Bricklin’s Note Taker HD allows me to draw the finest details on JPEGs that other applications do not allow. In addition, I simply like writing my ideas on [electronic] paper. It allows for more creativity because of the thought invested into crafting each letter, writing each word, and illustrating the interaction between words and photos. Handwritten notes allows for a personal connection that text on a screen cannot convey. It makes it truly mine.Yes, we know it’s coming, but what does it mean? Some use the word “telehealth?to describe a virtual service delivery model between a patient and clinician. Others expand the definition beyond the patient and clinician to also include innovative platforms. Until the term is defined in the Scope of Practice for the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) or American Academy of Audiology (AAA), acknowledged by insurance companies, and understood by policy makers, we will continue to vaguely use this term. In the meantime, this is my humble perception of “telehealth?in the future. Specifically, these are my ideas for a mobile application that is beneficial for the manufacturers, profitable for the audiologist, and most importantly, easily accessible and user-friendly for our patients.


Telehealth = Tell me the definition!

I created my Twitter account in 2009 during my last summer in Boston. In fact, the old handle used to be @TinaLovesBoston because it started as a personal twitter account. I had no clue what type of content was “Twitter-riffic? (Sorry, I had to.) Do I tweet random thoughts? Do I tweet inside jokes to my friends? It didn’t make any sense and I thought the concept was silly. Then, I started thinking about a tweet as a Facebook status update. Oh, I just updated my Facebook status update. I could probably pull off a verbatim tweet. Once I started thinking about Twitter on that level, my account really fell into place. By this point I had completed my move to Portland (Oregon, not Maine) for my 4th year externship. I had great stories to share and I expressed my HIPAA-compliant experiences in the form of tweets. I played by the rule “A meaningful tweet a day makes the followers stay, any more and you’re out the door?and still do to this day. Since then, I have changed my handle from @TinaLovesBoston to @TinaTheAuD. Despite my Twitter bio explaining my audiology-related account, Boston-related followers were puzzled why I didn’t tweet about Boston and audiology-related followers wouldn’t follow me because the handle was unrelated to the field. While I am pleased with the overall outcome of this change, let it be known loud and proud- I will always *LOVE* Boston.


Apple EarPods ?For better or for worse?

Now I have this new blog (with technical assistance from the bf) and I find myself in the same shoes once again. What do I blog about? How often do I blog? Do I publicize my blog? I could use your participation and feedback. Please accept your invitation to join me as we seek answers together on my new blogging adventure. In true Tina spirit, the more the merrier.



That’s right. You may recognize me from my Twitter account, @TinaTheAuD. For those who don’t know me, I am an easily amused AuD clinician and researcher. I enjoy good stories, fun people, thought-provoking questions, and philosophical discussions. Throughout the past three years I have gotten by just using Twitter. However, Twitter can be quite limiting due to the 140 character restriction. Hence the creation of this blog.




Content reflects my ideas only with no affiliation to my employer.